Green Pages


Peter Emery - Director of Photography

This is a professional website, showcasing images and videos and highlighting industry awards. It is a read only website, mostly serving static pages, without much javascript.

At the time of the first analysis, it is already well designed, easy to navigate, and easy to search for. Images are usually loaded on demand, saving transfer size when they aren’t required. Smaller images are returned to devices with smaller screen sizes (mobile phones / tablets), also saving transfer size. The site is a Progressive Web App, which improves caching and hence reduces data transfer. As with everything though, when you take a long and detailed look there are improvements that can be made.

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Green Pages (the website you are looking at now) is very well optimised, and has extremely good metrics, roughly 1000 times better than the average web site. It is a simple website, and goes further than most websites will want to, sacrificing some design goals along the way (there are no custom fonts, limited images and the css and javascript is simple and lightweight). However, it still looks professional, is easy to use, and is hopefully good inspiration for what is possible.

We dogfood our own methodology, so have applied it to this website to see if anything further can be done, and to monitor.

Carbon footprint analysis for